E-liquid Nicotine

ImageE-liquid is a fairly new product and is used in conjunction with an electronic cigarette to product vapor that mimics a real cigarette. The main advantage of E-liquid is that it does not contain all the know chemicals and toxins of traditional tobacco products. Another huge plus to  using e liquid is that the vapor produced does not contain tar and it is said to be much better for your lungs although no official FDA studies are provided for this.

While tobacco is considered a toxin and can be omitted from e liquid, it is still much better for you on its own then when combined with the over four thousand carcinogens that a normal brand cigarette can contain. Most people feel healthier and start sleeping better after the first week of switching to an e cig!

If you are looking to stop smoking, e liquids combined with an electronic cigarette might be a great option for you. While you should talk to your doctor first, it is defiantly worth a consideration. If you do some more research around the web, you will find lots of success stories and even contained studies that support electronic cigarettes as a great alternative to smoking.

You can even get E-liquid nicotine in many different flavors so there are tons of options that will satisfy just about anyone. Also, E liquids come in many different strengths so you can pick something that is similar in potency to what you are using now making the switch that much easier. If you are married or have kids, I guarantee you they will be happy you stopped smoking and started vaping simply because there is no smell!